Bathroom organisation and clothing


In our winter 2018 issue of Sideview, our interviewee Patricia Greene had a tip for general bathroom organisation, saying “I do all the practical things like having a designated place for things in the bathroom. If you don’t you end up cleaning your teeth with face cream, which I have done. You get to know where to put things and keep them in the same place. I do lots of daft things, but you learn by error. I do think it’s funny.”

Here are some tips from other VIPs:

  • Don't waste your time trying to put toothpaste on the brush - it will go everywhere! Just squirt some on your tongue and brush away! It also saves a lot of toothpaste as you put far less on your tongue than you would have done on the brush.
  • If sharing a bathroom with family, either choose a clearly different colour of toothbrush or wrap some bright tape round the handle of yours so it can be identified easily. You can also cut a notch in the handle if preferred.
  • Try to get soap that contrasts with your sink/basin colour.
  • Use a combined shampoo/conditioner rather than separate products so you don't need to identify which is which.
  • Make sure that you have good lighting over your mirrors.


  • I was having difficulty in distinguishing colours in my wardrobe but now have a tiny torch hanging on the inside of the door, it has a very bright light – if I shine it on the clothes and I can tell black from navy blue etc.
  • I have a “super bright switch” from JML, which I have stuck inside my cupboard. It is wonderfully bright and allows me to see different colours clearly, while leaving my hands free for looking through clothes.
  • I have attached different plastic shapes to the labels on all of my clothing – including ties. Each shape represents a different colour, and allows me to select matching clothes through feeling the shapes.
  • I find that, in artificial light, many colours appear the same. To distinguish between them, I write on the washing care labels (which are normally white) with a letter to represent each colour.

See our leaflet on ‘Lighting’ to help you to pick the right sort of lights and bulbs to improve the appearance of colours, highlight the right areas, and minimise glare.

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