Become a Gadget Guide

Gadget Guide volunteers introduce people living with macular disease to a range of aids for daily living.

Volunteers help people find practical solutions to everyday problems. It might not sound ground-breaking, but the results can be life-changing. As a Gadget Guide, you’ll:

  • build people’s confidence and help them remain independent
  • make people aware of what’s available and where to get it
  • signpost people to other Macular Society services, and those provided by other organisations such as resource centres.

How does it work?

Our volunteers run events for Macular Society groups, or demonstrate a range of equipment at other events or exhibitions.

They know that when it comes to sight loss, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all, so they offer a range of solutions, helping each person to find what suits them best.

Sign up

To find out how you can be a Gadget Guide Volunteer for the Macular Society get in touch via our contact form or call the Groups Admin team on 01264 560 259.