Almost half of people with sight loss feel cut off from the world

Christmas is a difficult time for people with macular degeneration as they are unable to see the faces of their loved ones opening presents or watch their favourite films on TV. They often feel alone, even when they are surrounded by family. We help people regain their confidence and independence, and take back control of their lives. We don't have the funds to help everyone who needs us. 


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“I could be in a room full of people, yet feel totally alone."

Head shot of MadelineAt the age of 25 Madeline Roberts thought she was suffering from a migraine when she noticed a black spot in the centre of her vision one morning. But her sight quickly deteriorated in a matter of weeks. She said: “I thought it was a migraine, but over a fortnight it got worse and by that point I could see very little. “It was really scary.”

She said: “I lost my sight quite quickly and very unexpectedly and it wasn’t down to age, an injury or an accident. The hardest thing for me was the anger you have and you can’t aim it at anything.” 

She explained how the condition has left her feeling quite isolated, as no one else could understand what she was going through. She said: “I could be in a room full of people, yet feel totally alone. I felt like I was the only one.” To rebuild her confidence, Madeline was encouraged to join her local support group. She said: “It was great to meet more people who were experiencing the same thing as me. It really helped me.” 

Soon after joining she became the group’s leader and said it had really rebuilt her confidence. She now wants to help others affected by macular disease. She said: “When I was diagnosed I struggled to come to terms with being visually impaired and lost confidence in my capabilities. I felt very isolated. The Macular Society has really helped rebuild my self-confidence, to the point where I have taken on a number of volunteer roles to help other people with macular disease. It has helped me accept that being visually impaired is part of me, but doesn’t define me.”

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pay for supportive phone calls to four people who feel lonely and isolated following a diagnosis of macular disease.

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provide an hour of counselling; a lifeline for someone struggling to come to terms with their sight loss.

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A donation of £100 could...

pay for 10 people, who are fearful for the future, to receive reassurance from our Helpline.

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