Health and safety policy (PDF 128.3KB)
Complaints and grievance policy (PDF 46.0KB)
Equality and diversity policy (PDF 32.9KB)
Handling DBS certificate information (PDF 94.6KB)
Lone working policy (PDF 155.9KB)
Sideview 133 - Autumn 2020 (PDF 9.8MB)
Sideview 132 - Summer 2020 (PDF 7.2MB)
Sideview 131 - Spring 2020 (PDF 5.4MB)
Sideview 130 - Winter 2019 (PDF 5.2MB)
Raffle information and winners (PDF 454.6KB)
Impact and Accountability Report 2019 (PDF 5.8MB)
Anti-harrassment and bullying policy (PDF 188.4KB)
Recruiting volunteers with criminal convictions policy (PDF 115.2KB)
Articles of Association (PDF 574.9KB)
Responsibility for data protection (PDF 106.3KB)
Annual Report and Accounts 2019 (PDF 431.4KB)
Computer policy (PDF 159.7KB)
Safeguarding vulnerable adults policy (PDF 105.2KB)
Annual Review 2018 (PDF 8.1MB)
Crisis management plan (PDF 348.3KB)
Volunteer disciplinary policy (PDF 50.7KB)
Annual Report and Accounts 2018 (PDF 669.7KB)
Sideview 134 - Winter 2020 (PDF 8.4MB)
Driving policy (PDF 181.8KB)
Volunteer expenses policy (PDF 50.7KB)
Virtual Tea for MD Host Guide (PDF 131.8KB)
Annual Review 2017 (PDF 2.5MB)
Sideview 130 CD1 (MP3 39.2MB)
National Free Wills Network factsheet (PDF 720.3KB)
Equality and diversity policy (PDF 213.5KB)
Volunteering safely policy (PDF 48.6KB)
Tea for MD A4 Poster (PDF 107.9KB)
Annual Report and Accounts 2017 (PDF 318.9KB)
Sideview 134 CD1 (MP3 39.9MB)
Sideview 131 CD1 (MP3 43.0MB)
Sideview 133 CD1 (MP3 40.5MB)
Sideview 130 CD2 (MP3 46.4MB)
Sideview 129 - Autumn 2019 (PDF 7.8MB)
Bequeathed factsheet (PDF 663.1KB)
Operational guidelines (PDF 5.5MB)
External expenses claim form (PDF 13.4KB)
Tea for MD Tent cards (PDF 440.4KB)
Annual Report and Accounts 2016 (PDF 342.1KB)
Letter - audio (MP3 1.9MB)
Sideview 134 CD2 (MP3 39.1MB)
Sideview 132 CD1 (MP3 36.8MB)
Sideview 128 - Summer 2019 (PDF 6.7MB)
McClure Solicitors factsheet (PDF 316.9KB)
Recruitment and selection policy (PDF 191.7KB)
Gadget guides feedback form (PDF 38.0KB)
Tea for MD Paying-in form (PDF 113.9KB)
Annual Report and Accounts 2015 (PDF 650.1KB)
Leaflet - audio (MP3 22.4MB)
Sideview 127 - Spring 2019 (PDF 7.3MB)
Fundraising event risk assessment form (DOCX 65.6KB)
Goodwill Partnership factsheet (PDF 741.2KB)
Safeguarding policy (PDF 612.1KB)
Speaker feedback form (PDF 144.9KB)
Annual Report and Accounts 2014 (PDF 204.9KB)
AMD Research Report 2020 (PDF 269.3KB)
Fundraising Manager, Legacies and Giving In Memory job description (DOCX 110.3KB)
Sideview 132 CD2 (MP3 44.4MB)
Sideview 131 CD2 (MP3 45.7MB)
Sideview 133 CD2 (MP3 46.9MB)
Codicil form (PDF 445.9KB)
Lottery information (PDF 1.2MB)
Raffle policies (PDF 2.0MB)
Fundraising Guide (PDF 1.0MB)
Donation form with Gift Aid Declaration (PDF 601.0KB)
Annual Report and Accounts 2019 (PDF 431.4KB)
Strategy 2019-2023 (PDF 7.8MB)
Research Strategy 2020-2030 (PDF 10.9MB)
Research Strategy 2020-2030 (PDF 10.9MB)
Research Impact Report 1987-2019 (PDF 850.1KB)
Strategy 2019-2023 (PDF 7.8MB)