Resources to help make lessons accessible for visually impaired students

Undiagnosed sight loss may explain underperformance in the classroom. The Macular Society has produced Front cover of the general tips for visually impaired students
resources to help make lessons accessible for visually impaired (VI) students.

There are thousands of VI children across the UK. While many need prescription glasses, others have genetic conditions that glasses cannot correct. Initially children may not know there is something wrong and adapt as best they can. Problems can occur at any age, so even if a child has been screened, it may still be appropriate to recommend a sight test. Delays in diagnosis and providing the right support can lead to disengagement and behavioural issues.

Signs to look out for: reluctance to join in, headaches, unusual head posture, intolerance to bright light and reading difficulties.

The Macular Society provides counselling for parents struggling with their child’s diagnosis and can connect families to offer peer support. Call the helpline on 0300 3030 111 for more information.

Resources can be downloaded below.

Also available is a PowerPoint for use during inset days which can be accessed on Slideshare. A pdf version is available here.

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