Bromley Support Group


Contact RM for details - Group meets on the first Tuesday of every month ( except January and August) from 10am to 12pm
Bromley Town Church
2 Ethelbert Road
United Kingdom

Contact the helpline on 0300 3030 111 for group contact details.

Group events

Date of meetingSpeakerNotes
January 2019No meeting 
5 February 2019Bromley Bee Keepers 
5 March 2019London Vision South EastMobile phones and tablets
2 April 2019Stella Black - Macular Society Regional Manager 
7 May 2019Chris - HumanwareTechnologies to support living with sight loss
4 June 2019Claire GosdenLsitening books
2 July 2019To be confirmed 
August 2019No meeting 
3 September 2019London Vision South EastGadgets to help around the home
1 October 2019Chris - Kent Association for the BlindWhat can ECLdo for you?
5 November 2019Judith - Esme's UmbrellaCharles Bonnet syndrome
3 December 2019Emma - SeeableAccessible holidays