Ken's story

Ken Eggleston first noticed a problem with his sight in his 40s. But, it wasn't until four years ago that it started to have a huge impact on his life. It was then that Ken, aged 69 was forced to give up one of his favourite hobbies – driving. 

Ken, who has dry AMD, said: “As someone who has farmed all his life and driven throughout his life, I had to completely change the way I lived and I now rely on public transport.” Although he has had dry AMD for a number of years, Ken was unaware of how many people were affected by the condition. 

He said: “Although I’ve had this problem for a long time I really wasn’t aware of how many people have actually got macular degeneration and how much work is ongoing to find a solution. A lot more people are going to get the disease, so we really do need to push towards finding a cure and that’s going to come from the Macular Society.” 

He added: “Having been a relatively independent person all of my life, when I was classified as partially sighted I came to realise how much help you need and how much is available.  As time goes on you realise that organisations like the Macular Society are vital and very much appreciated.” 

He added: “I was impressed with the quality of the information the Society was sending out and the way it was presented, especially for someone like me who has difficulty reading. I could see how much effort and energy was going into everything they do. It was clear they shared my values and I wanted to be a part of it.  I really feel like I am part of a valuable organisation.” 

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