Fundraising ideas

You could get sponsored to:

  • Give it up. Give up a guilty pleasure such as alcohol, smoking, or chocolate for the week. Get the kids involved by getting them to give up sweets or texting.
  • Take it up. Do something healthy every day such as having a nutritious smoothie or walking to work.
  • Donate a Distance. Run, walk, cycle or swim a distance of your choice during Macular Week.

Here is just a little more inspiration.

Bake a cake. Make some cupcakes using our edible cake toppers and sell them to friends, family or colleagues.

Veg for Vision. Grow vegetables, such as leafy greens that are good for your eyes, to sell to family and friends.

If you want to raise funds as part of a group or organisation check out the ideas below;

  • Hold a Wear Yellow Day. Get colleagues, classmates, or group members to donate £1 to wear yellow, or ‘fine’ them £2 if they don’t!  
  • Hold a supermarket or street collection. A simple way to raise awareness and funds. Make sure you get the necessary permission well in advance.
  • Caption Capers. If you belong to a group or club, ask your leader or captain for a clear photo of them doing something funny or unusual. Get everyone to submit a caption for a £1 entry fee. The best entry gets 50% of the winnings, with the rest to the Society.
  • Stand Up Bingo. The last one standing is the winner. Great for large groups.

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