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Yes, I want to Beat Macular Disease for Nancy by funding groundbreaking research projects and vital support services.

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Nancy looking into the camera with her hands held near her face

£10 will make sure we can be there to give people like Nancy the best support and expert advice.


Dr Ratnayaka portrait

£15 will fund more trailblazing research projects like Dr Ratnayaka’s.


Nancy in her kitchen looking into the camera with a cup of tea

£25 will give Nancy hope that the progression of her macular disease might be stopped.


Nancy smiling and looking into the camera

£10 a month will help people living with macular disease, like Nancy, get expert help and support.


Kelly and family walking outside

£15 a month will fund the research giving hope to families struggling with macular disease.


Dr Luminita Paraoan in the laboratory doing a demonstration

£25 a month will bring teams of researchers ever-closer to a cure for macular disease.


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