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Find out how smoking affects your risk, how a regular eye test could spot the earliest signs of macular disease, and the ways we support people living with macular disease today.

Know the five signs

Although AMD is most common among older people, other forms of macular disease can affect people of any age – even children. So whatever your age, please don't ignore the following signs of macular disease: the quicker you act, the more of your sight can be saved.

If you notice any of these, contact your optician immediately.

Straight lines looking wonky.
Problems adapting to bright or dark conditions.
A smudge or shadow in your vision.
Words seeming to move or disappear from the page.
Flashes, floaters or gaps in your vision.

You can learn more about macular disease, prevention and early detection at, or by calling our Advice and Information Service on 0300 3030 111