About us

The Macular Society is the leading charity fighting to end sight loss caused by macular disease. Every day over 200 people in the UK face the shock of a diagnosis of macular disease. This sight loss can rob people of their independence, leaving them unable to drive, read or recognise their family. We help people adapt to life with sight loss, regain their confidence and independence, and take back control of their lives. We fund the research that will one day find a cure. Our work is solely funded by your generous donations.

Our Vision

A cure for macular disease in the future; excellence in treatment, rehabilitation and support now.

Our Mission

To fund research so that one day we can overcome macular disease and to offer information and support to improve lives today.

Download our 2016-2020 strategy

As more people are affected by macular disease it is more important than ever that we raise money to fund research and provide support.

We have a small number of paid staff and over 1,500 volunteers who deliver services and run support groups around the UK.