Staff member - Helen Blyth smiling

“Everyone in the team at the Macular Society is so passionate about finding a cure for macular disease, to the point where we talk about wanting to do ourselves out of a job! It’s a great place to work; there’s so much energy, enthusiasm and commitment to genuinely helping people and to the cause.

I work in fundraising and what I love about it is that there’s never a bad idea. Whilst we carefully plan how best to raise money, we are always trying new things. If something doesn’t go to plan, that’s ok because we learn from it. That’s a fantastic work ethic and we all share in the success when something works well because it means we’re getting closer to finding that elusive cure sooner.”

Helen Blyth, Individual giving manager

“It’s amazing to be part of an organisation where everyone works so hard to achieve the same goal. I feel part of something important and that the work I do is valued. I feel that what we do really helps people, and that my own lived experience of sight loss helps me make a difference and inspire others who are diagnosed with macular disease, to get the advice and support they need to move forward after diagnosis.”

- Amanda Read, Senior Regional Manager (North of England)

“I have worked for the Macular Society for a number of years. Managing the helpline means we get to make a real difference to people every single day. We get the chance to demonstrate how much we care and how we can support people with AMD with every person who contacts the service. It is by knowing our stuff that we can truly help people every day.”

Helpline manager

“Working at the Society is like working with a much bigger family. I feel valued and I feel I give value. With the training that the Society has given me I am able to make a difference to our members to make them feel valued to. This plays a huge part in all our everyday lives. The support network I receive and in turn I give to our members, it’s a two way platform and is one of the most rewarding jobs I have worked in making such a difference to so many.”

- Natalie Bale, Skills for Seeing programme co-ordinator

HR staff member - Carl Harrison head shot

“I made a late career change, which was a bit of a step for me. I had worked over 30 years in the same profession and knew little about how a sight loss charity operated; other than from a service-user’s perspective having been sight impaired for over 35 years.

Naturally, I was a little apprehensive about the unknown. However, true to its values the Macular Society and my new colleagues were very welcoming and supportive. I received all the help I needed to settle into my new role and I was fortunate to enjoy a promotion 10 months after joining.

The Macular Society is a wonderful organisation to work for and I would recommend it to anybody. The only regret I have is not making the change sooner.”

Carl Harrison, Regional manager (North West England)

Staff photo June 2022

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