The importance of research into macular disease

Research into macular disease is underfunded in the UK. However, we see first-hand how important research can be for those with macular conditions. Every day we hear of the hope and faith our members have in the research we fund, and in all the research that goes on in the field.

We know that only through funding and supporting research into macular disease will we be able to find a cure for all those diagnosed.

How we help macular researchers

Bridgeen Callan research group

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Every year the Macular Society funds vital research into macular disease. You can find out more about the research grants and PhDs that we fund, and how to apply.

Luminita Paraoan team

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You can find more information about the research we fund, the application process, and guidance on how to apply. Here you can also find the Research Strategy.


Involving patients in research link arrow

Information on how the Macular Society can support researchers to involve patients in their research.

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Information on how the Macular Society can help researchers to recruit patients for clinical research.

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Our research policies link arrow

These policies aim to ensure the best quality research is funded, and to support the research and patient communities, to drive forward positive change.