Why register as sight impaired?

Posted: Thursday 08 March 2018

Each local authority in the UK has a register of people who are sight impaired and severely sight impaired. Joining the list is voluntary, but it can help you access discounts and services to make life easier.

They include, for people who are sight impaired:

• free NHS sight tests

• railcards and other travel concessions

• local travel schemes

• free directory enquiry services from BT.

Severely sight impaired people may also get:

• blind person’s income tax allowance

• half-price television licence

• car parking concessions, such as the blue badge scheme

• free loan of radios, cassette players and TV sound receivers

• help with telephone installation charges and line rental.

How can I register?

A hospital consultant ophthalmologist (eye specialist) must examine your sight and complete a Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI, called a BP1 in Scotland) with you. Your GP can arrange this if necessary.

You’ll get a copy of the CVI, and copies will be sent confidentially to adult social services and your GP. A member of your local sensory services team will then contact you to discuss what services and benefits may be available.

Still not sure?

Find out more about whether registering as sight impaired might be right for you by downloading our leaflet from www.macularsociety.org/your-rights or calling our Helpline on 0300 3030 111.