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About macular conditions

Stargardt disease(mp3, 21.92 MB)
Stargardt disease(pdf, 789.21 KB)

Living with macular conditions

Daily living skills(mp3, 10.7 MB)
Daily living skills(pdf, 2.09 MB)
Driving(pdf, 222.97 KB)
Driving(mp3, 3.12 MB)
Lighting(mp3, 11.62 MB)
Lighting(pdf, 1.43 MB)
Local support groups(pdf, 560 KB)
Low vision aids(pdf, 758.74 KB)
Low vision aids(mp3, 19.46 MB)
Nutrition and eye health(mp3, 11.16 MB)
Protecting your eyes(pdf, 342.97 KB)
Protecting your eyes(mp3, 9.12 MB)
Skills for Seeing(pdf, 210.01 KB)
Smoking and sight loss(mp3, 8.51 MB)
Smoking and sight loss(pdf, 301.21 KB)
Telephone befriending(pdf, 677.54 KB)
Using technology(mp3, 11.83 MB)
Using technology(pdf, 1.35 MB)
Visual hallucinations(mp3, 11.56 MB)
Visual hallucinations(pdf, 1.2 MB)


Attendance allowance(pdf, 426.78 KB)
Cataracts factsheet(pdf, 22.89 KB)
Dry eyes factsheet(pdf, 611.91 KB)
Eye donation factsheet(pdf, 262.09 KB)
Floaters factsheet(pdf, 488.63 KB)
Genetics factsheet(pdf, 74.72 KB)
Large print and audio(pdf, 95.44 KB)
Macular hole factsheet(pdf, 913.84 KB)
Macular Oedema factsheet(pdf, 489.64 KB)
Vitrectomy factsheet(pdf, 425.79 KB)

Teaching resources

How we help

How you can help

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