Support services

We provide free information and support to those with macular disease, along with their family and friends, to help people retain their independence.

Our Helpline offers confidential information and advice for people with macular conditions, as well as their family and friends. Our Helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

Our professional team of counsellors provide support to those who need help with the emotional impact of sight loss.

Read or listen to our range of patient information about macular conditions

We have a network of nearly 400 support groups across the UK, including ones specifically for younger people and Skype groups for those who prefer to interact with a group online, or who are often unable to make it along to a monthly meeting.

Our tech support service can offer guidance to anyone needing help with using gadgets and technology such as smartphones and tablets, digital magnifiers and other assistive technology

Gadget guides visit support groups and events to help people with everyday tasks, which can help make living with central vision loss that little bit easier.

Buddies offer support and advice to people going for treatment by injection.

Skills for Seeing trainers help people make the most of their remaining vision by teaching techniques such as eccentric viewing and steady eye strategy.

Befrienders offer a friendly listening ear to people affected by macular disease, maintaining regular contact over the phone to help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

If you are struggling to get treatment our advocacy service can provide the necessary support to get you the result you need.

A specifically designed service for people with juvenile macular dystrophies, delivered by a professional genetics counsellor.