With your legacy gift we can do so much more

Provide essential support

Over half of all callers to our helpline get the advice and support they need thanks to a legacy gift. Kristy Garton was 37 when she was diagnosed with macular disease. She was anxious about how to cope on her return to work.

Head shot of Kristy Garton“I felt lost and scared, but the Society gave me information and made me feel I had someone in my corner. I couldn’t have gone back to work without speaking to the Macular Society. They provide a fantastic service. There is always someone there and they don’t treat you like a patient. It is a lifeline at the moment.” Kristy, Helpline caller.

More people than ever before are facing the daily challenges of life with macular disease. In the next 30 year the number of people with macular disease will double. Despite exciting progress being made in research, there is still no cure.

Research to find a cure

1 in 4 of our research projects is funded by gifts in Wills. We are determined to make macular disease a condition of the past.

Head shot of Professor Paul Bishop“The Society’s long term commitment to funding cutting edge research is vital. Their projects are improving our understanding of macular degeneration and moving us ever closer to that all-important cure.” Professor Paul Bishop, Manchester University

A gift in your Will would give reassurance and advice to people coming to terms with macular disease. It could also help fund vital research to stop the disease progressing into irreversible sight loss, or to prevent children developing inherited macular conditions. What better gift to leave for future generations?

How to leave a gift in your Will

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