A guide to accessible streaming

Posted: Wednesday 13 December 2023

Watching television is one of the many tasks which can become more difficult if your sight is affected by macular disease.

Many people tell us how they struggle to recognise faces of different characters and often can’t keep track of fast action scenes.

But, with streaming services being more popular than ever, there’s lots of solutions available which mean you no longer have to miss any crucial details in your favourite shows.   

Audio description, subtitles and closed captions are just a few of the accessibility functions available on most streaming services. But, how do you enable these features?

Below we’ve included the guides for all of the most popular streaming services, which tell you how to get started: 

Looking for more help?

If you are struggling with any accessibility features on your television or need help with a tablet, phone or smart device our Connect By Tech service is here to help. Contact us on 0300 3030 111.