Dining with a Difference

Do you love dinner parties? Who doesn’t! Good food, perhaps a glass of wine… And how about raising funds to Beat Macular Disease at the same time? You can do just that by hosting a ‘Dining with a Difference’ dinner party!

What will your difference be?

Food inspiration

Eat the rainbow! Why not include lots of fruit and vegetables that are good for eye health?

Get competitive

Hold dinner parties in each other’s houses and rate each meal, or ask your guests to pay how much they think each course is worth.

Donation instead of dessert

Instead of dessert, ask your guests to make a donation to Beat Macular Disease.


If you’d like us to help you plan your dinner, or to send us your lovely photos and let us know what your difference was, please email community@macularsociety.org or phone 01264 560 222.