The Macular Society is proud to have the following patrons. All of our patrons are visually impaired, indicated by the symbol *.

Gemma Craven*

Gemma Craven has had many starring roles throughout her career, including parts in The Slipper and the Rose, BBC TV drama Pennies from Heaven, and the BBC Radio 4 comedy Clare in the Community. Both Gemma and her mother have macular disease. Gemma was diagnosed at the age of 60, following a check-up from her optician, who was aware the condition can sometimes be genetic. She became a patron in 2012.

Henry Blofeld OBE*

Henry Blofeld, or Blowers as he is affectionately known, is one of international cricket's best loved commentators. He was diagnosed with a macular condition around 2009 and became patron of the Macular Society in June 2012.