Circadian rhythms - split with day and night with a clock over a human brain

Daily light cycles and diabetic retinopathy

Thursday 28 July 2022

Dr Eleni Beli from Queen's University Belfast looks into how diabetes affects the circadian clock and its impact on people with diabetic retinopathy.

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How to make the most of your remaining vision

Tuesday 19 July 2022

Skills for Seeing expert Hannah Keegan discusses the best techniques to make the most of your remaining vision, sharing top tips to help people with sight loss retain their independence.

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Skills for Seeing: Eccentric viewing and steady eye strategy

Tuesday 21 June 2022

Skills for Seeing experts Hannah Keegan and Natalie Bale are joined by volunteer Ed Bebbinton to discuss eccentric viewing and how to make the most of your remaining vision.

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Macular holes and other surgically treated macular conditions

Tuesday 21 June 2022

Consultant ophthalmic and retinal surgeon Tim Jackson talks in more detail about macular holes and other surgically treated macular conditions, epiretinal membrane and vitreomacular traction.

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Switching off genes that cause inherited macular disease

Thursday 26 May 2022

Dr Amanda Carr is working on a Macular Society-funded project to switch off a faulty gene in Best disease, which causes the progression of the disease.

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Chatbot offering timely advice to the visually impaired

Tuesday 17 May 2022

Professor Chris Dickinson discusses her research looking at using a digital computer-based 'personal assistant' to provide patients with timely advice and support following a diagnosis.

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Inherited macular disease - should I know my gene?

Thursday 28 April 2022

Professor Andrew Webster and genetic counsellor Hannah Knight talk about understanding a genetic diagnosis.

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Potential treatment to stop dry AMD turning to wet AMD

Tuesday 19 April 2022

Dr James Whiteford reveals more about the progress being made on an exciting new treatment.

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