Jill Barker smiling

‘I didn’t appreciate the longer-term emotional impact of this disease’

Posted: Wednesday 20 March 2024

Jill, a university researcher from County Durham, described how the Macular Society’s Counselling Service gave her the “time and breathing space” to adapt after a diagnosis of an extremely rare form of macular disease.

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office workers in discussion

Enquiry explores employers’ attitudes to visually impaired employees

Posted: Tuesday 5 March 2024

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Eye Health and Visual Impairment has launched an enquiry to find out more about how employers treat and hire blind and partially sighted people.

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Dr Kenneth Fan

Increased dose of Eylea to extend treatment intervals

Posted: Friday 1 March 2024

Renowned retinal specialist Dr Kenneth Fan has called the higher approved dose of Eylea for patients with wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic macular oedema (DMO), “a pivotal moment” for the treatment of these conditions.

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Light grey eye close up

Encouraging results from light therapy study for dry AMD

Posted: Friday 1 March 2024

Early results from a study assessing the effectiveness of the Valeda Light Delivery System for treating dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD), have shown promise.

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Leah Holroyd smiling with book

'Talking about it is an opportunity to help people understand more about sight loss'

Posted: Thursday 29 February 2024

Leah's journey with Best disease started when she was growing up with her brother Finn, who has the condition. But, even though she knew what it was, her own eyesight was not affected.

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Nurse Looks Into Eyes Of Elderly Patient

Patients reveal communication gaps in diagnosis

Posted: Monday 5 February 2024

Patients have highlighted noticeable gaps in communication when they are first diagnosed with macular disease, or if they are considered at risk of developing the condition.

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An illustrative design showing victorian-era women in the middle of a modern street to suggest an hallucination somebody with Charles Bonnet syndrome might experience

'The more that is known about Charles Bonnet syndrome, the better'

Posted: Thursday 1 February 2024

Researchers at Royal Holloway University looking into the effectiveness of different techniques to help manage visual hallucinations are calling for more participants to take part in the first study of its kind.

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Scientist with drug vial

Another new drug offers hope for Stargardt patients

Posted: Monday 29 January 2024

Another drug to potentially treat Stargardt has shown positive results in slowing down the progression of the disease in a recent trial.

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Support group consoling hug

Dedicated group for those supporting people with macular disease launches

Posted: Thursday 25 January 2024

A new dedicated support group for caregivers and those supporting people living with macular disease will launch this spring, recognising their often-overlooked needs.

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Carol Ozanne smiling into camera

'Do the things that make you feel worthwhile'

Posted: Wednesday 24 January 2024

The loneliness and isolation associated with sight loss can be detrimental to our mental health, but volunteer Carol is on a mission to emotionally lift and encourage others.

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Michael Owen

Michael Owen prays for a cure for son's Stargardt

Posted: Tuesday 23 January 2024

Michael Owen has brought Stargardt into the spotlight again as he talks about his son's diagnosis.

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Cathy portrait

‘I feel so incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to work for such a wonderful organisation’

Posted: Friday 12 January 2024

After nearly a decade of dedicated service as chief executive of leading sight loss charity the Macular Society, Cathy Yelf has announced her decision to retire in 2024.

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