Online support for early onset macular degeneration

Posted: Monday 8 January 2024

A new support group for people with early onset macular degeneration – a condition many often confuse with early age-related macular degeneration (AMD) – will launch next month.

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"I didn't know if my hallucinations were a manifestation of my grief"

Posted: Thursday 16 November 2023

Seeing frightening faces in her own home was the reality for Penny, who was trying to come to terms with her sight loss in the aftermath of losing her husband.

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A man wearing a grey jumper uses his phone at Christmas time

Entertaining evening Winter Warmers calls return

Posted: Friday 27 October 2023

A programme of entertaining, weekly calls returns this winter to bring comfort and friendship straight to your home during the longer, colder nights.

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Talking about your diagnosis

Posted: Wednesday 4 October 2023

A diagnosis of macular disease can be overwhelming, impacting various aspects of your life, including your mental health, relationships and independence. Despite this, many people struggle to speak openly about what they are going through.

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Nick Lancaster. A yellow box sits in the bottom right corner with the National Lottery Community Fund Wales logo in Welsh

“I’ve learned all the skills that I need to try and live independently”

Posted: Wednesday 20 September 2023

When Macular Society volunteer Nick suddenly found himself unable to make a simple cup of tea, he knew he needed help to rediscover an independent life with sight loss.

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Jasleen Jolly

Understanding the mysteries surrounding Charles Bonnet syndrome

Posted: Tuesday 22 August 2023

Why do some people with vision loss experience hallucinations, while others do not? That’s one of the areas being looked into as researchers aim to uncover some of the mysteries surrounding the condition Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS).

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Jane Tidy

"It's valuable to come together with people who understand what it is like"

Posted: Tuesday 27 June 2023

People living with punctate inner choroidopathy (PIC) will now benefit from a new condition-specific support group which has launched online.

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Community fund

National Lottery funding helps delivery of key services and support

Posted: Wednesday 7 June 2023

The Macular Society has received nearly £40,000 worth of grants from the National Lottery, to help support people in Wales and Northern Ireland.

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“The only skill you need is empathy”

Posted: Thursday 1 June 2023

A former ophthalmic nurse has spoken of her rewarding new role as a volunteer group leader for the Macular Society and the difference she’s making to people with macular degeneration.

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Woman listening to audiobook while writing in book

Help abolish VAT on audiobooks

Posted: Wednesday 1 March 2023

An MP is leading a call in Parliament to abolish VAT on audiobooks, to support people with visual impairments.

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Vera wearing a blue jumper standing in her garden

“I noticed when new people joined, they would come with so much fear in their eyes”

Posted: Wednesday 1 February 2023

Vera became a Macular Society group leader a few years after her late husband Peter was diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

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Colin Daniels work.jpg

Cost of living– support for people with sight loss

Posted: Monday 30 January 2023

It can be a minefield trying to navigate the financial support available to you if you have a sight condition. However, the Macular Society’s Working Age and Young People’s Service manager, Colin Daniels, is here to help.

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