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Online support for early onset macular degeneration

Posted: Monday 8 January 2024

A new support group for people with early onset macular degeneration – a condition many often confuse with early age-related macular degeneration (AMD) – will launch next month.

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A man counting his money, while writing down calculations. There are four piles of coins, each growing in size, next to a jar of coins.

Podcast mini series shines light on extra financial support

Posted: Tuesday 2 January 2024

Living with sight loss may entitle you to extra financial support to help with day-to-day costs, but do you know what you can claim?

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Valda Johnston smiling into camera

'I went to help make tea but I stayed for the support'

Posted: Thursday 21 December 2023

For more than a decade Valda volunteered with her local support group, despite her initial doubts of being around others with sight loss.

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Professor Mike Cheetham and team

‘We’re hoping our research can lead to potential treatments’

Posted: Wednesday 20 December 2023

A groundbreaking research project is underway, focusing on screening a library of already licensed drugs to potentially treat Stargardt disease.

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Westminster Eye Health Day 2023

Politicians urged to prioritise national eye care plan

Posted: Sunday 17 December 2023

The spotlight was turned on eye health in the Houses of Parliament this month as MPs faced urgent calls to improve NHS eye care services and prevent avoidable sight loss.

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Man sitting on sofa with tablet

A guide to accessible streaming

Posted: Wednesday 13 December 2023

Watching television is one of the many tasks which can become more difficult if your sight is affected by macular disease. But, there are solutions available.

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World Geographic Atrophy Day logo

World Geographic Atrophy Day raises awareness of common condition

Posted: Tuesday 5 December 2023

The first-ever World Geographic Atrophy Day raises awareness of the condition and the five million people living with it across the globe.

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Andrew Lotery with equipment

Stargardt pill continues to slow sight loss

Posted: Tuesday 28 November 2023

A drug being trialled as a potential treatment for Stargardt disease has been shown to slow down the rate of sight loss.

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Penny Rome smiling

"I didn't know if my hallucinations were a manifestation of my grief"

Posted: Thursday 16 November 2023

Seeing frightening faces in her own home was the reality for Penny, who was trying to come to terms with her sight loss in the aftermath of losing her husband.

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Farrah and George playing connect four

“Our son has macular disease, there was a chance our daughter would get it too. We hoped the odds would be in our favour”

Posted: Wednesday 8 November 2023

When George was diagnosed with macular disease at the age of seven, his mum Sarah and dad Ollie knew there was a one in four chance their daughter could be affected too. But, as Farrah wasn’t showing any symptoms, they put the thought to the back of their mind. Until one day, she told Sarah she had kept seeing funny things out of the corner of her eyes.

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Railway Ticket Machine

Railway ticket office closure plans scrapped

Posted: Tuesday 31 October 2023

Plans to close hundreds of railway ticket offices across England have been scrapped.

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Eyes Have It Partnership, by the London Eye

Proposals to transform eye care to be unveiled to politicians

Posted: Friday 27 October 2023

Recommendations for a national plan to improve eye care services across the UK will be presented to MPs in Parliament next month, thanks to funding from Roche.

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