2020 Annual Conference and AGM

Saturday 12 September 2020 

The conference is now over but you can still watch all the talks.

If you weren't able to join us live on the day you can still catch up and watch the talks. 

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Conference Programme and Individual Talks

Inherited Retinal Diseases and Working Age Session

9.15Welcome to the sessionJohn Dunston, Chair, Macular Society and Cathy Yelf, Chief Executive, Macular Society
9.35Message from our sponsorOXSIGHT
9.40Using stem cells to understand and treat inherited macular diseaseDr Amanda Carr, University College London
10.15Clinical trial updates on AMD, central serous retinopathy and Stargardt diseaseProfessor Andrew Lotery, University of Southampton
10.55Current myopia research: from bench to kindergartenProfessor Jeremy Guggenheim, Cardiff University
11.40That’ll work: employment and sight lossColin Daniels, Working Age and Young People’s Service Manager, Macular Society
12.05Session summary and final wordsJohn Dunston and Cathy Yelf

Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Session

12.45Welcome to the sessionJohn Dunston and Cathy Yelf
1.05Message from our sponsorOXSIGHT
1.10Improving care for patients with AMD - how does your health data help?Professor Alastair Denniston, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
1.45The future is here for patients with AMD - home-monitoring, video consultations, and new treatmentsDr Dawn Sim, Moorfields Eye Hospital
2.25Developing an immunotherapy eye drop for AMD: tales from the laboratoryDr Lisa Hill, University of Birmingham
3.00Using electrical brain stimulation to treat Charles Bonnet SyndromeKat Da Silva Morgan, Newcastle University
3.35Session summary and final wordsJohn Dunston and Cathy Yelf

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Following the conference was the Members’ Annual General Meeting at 4.00pm

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