Laptops & computers

There are a number of simple adaptations you can make to your computer to make it easier to use.


Keyboards with illuminated and large keys are available, and coloured bump-ons can be added to important keys on keyboards to make typing easier.


Windows and Apple computers both have in-built settings to control screen magnification, contrast and text size. Some newer computers even include basic screenreading software.

Remote sharing

If you need help with your computer, it may be worth setting up remote sharing with a family member or friend. This will enable them to access your computer over the internet. It will allow you both to see your computer screen and means that someone many miles away can help you solve problems, without having to be there in person.

For Windows-based systems remote sharing options can be found in the Control Panel. For Apple computers, you will need to look in the Sharing folder in System Preferences.

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