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For over 30 years the Macular Society has been the voice of people with macular disease, helping them to stay independent, get vital support and feel less alone. We don’t take money from drug companies or the government, so without our members, we simply wouldn’t exist.

Thanks to our 23,000 members:

  • We can continue to reassure and advise thousands of people each year through our Helpline, Gadget Guides and counsellors
  • We speak with authority when campaigning for better treatments, and are heard by the decision-makers that matter 
  • We fund the research that will one day cure macular disease. 

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During your no obligation free trial membership you will get our quarterly Sideview magazine, full of tips on living life to the full with sight loss, inspirational stories, and news from the macular community.


Member Ken says, “I can see how much effort and care goes into everything the Macular Society does. I really feel like I am part of a valuable organisation.” 


Membership costs £18 per year, wherever you live, and the first six months are free. Members outside the UK can view or listen to Spotlight and Sideview online.

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In addition to your membership magazines and correspondence we'd love to keep you informed about our support services, research and events, and suggest ways you might help by donating, taking part in fundraising activites, volunteering or adding your voice to public campaigns. You can change what you receive from us at any time on 01264 350 551 or keepintouch@macularsociety.org

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