Around the home

In the kitchen 

Use the big, bright and bold principles. Good task lighting and good colour and contrast makes objects stand out. For example, using different coloured chopping boards for different food types and contrasting crockery with tablecloths can make them easier to see. Wrapping brightly coloured tape around the handles of utensils and tools can also make them easier to find. 

Many find using 'talking' kitchen items, such as microwaves and scales, very helpful.

Watching TV

Large button remote controls are compatible with most TVs and are available from low vision suppliers. A piece of brightly coloured tape on the back of the remote can make it easier to find. Using paint, nail varnish or correcting fluid to highlight one or two key buttons can also help you to navigate the controls or a ‘bump-on’ sticker can also be used if you have difficulty finding the TV on/off switch. The ‘Big Print’ is a weekly large print subscription newspaper delivered by post that has a TV and radio guide. 

Using the telephone 

Big button phones and large print address books are very helpful. Task lighting by the phone also helps, along with programming the speed dial function to store numbers with one button. BT customers with sight loss can get a free directory enquiries service, without being registered as visually impaired. To find out more and register, call 0800 587 0195. Your GP or optician can sign the application form.

If you'd like to be shown how to use some of these low vision aids, our Gadget Guides can help. To find your local group or an event where a Gadget Guide will be attending, contact the Advice and Information Service on 0300 3030 111 or email