About our support groups

Peer support groups 

We currently have a mixture of groups meeting face to face and/or via our telephone conference calling system. Either way its a wonderful way for people with macular disease to make friends and grow in confidence.

It’s a place to:

  • hear about local services and other ways the Macular Society can help
  • listen to interesting guest speakers
  • share experiences and tips on living with sight loss
  • understand your own macular disease better

Face to face support group in your local community 

We have groups meeting in local venues all across the UK. 

To search for your local group visit our local group webpage. Or contact your local regional manager detailed on the following webpage regional support or call our groups admin team on 01264 560 259.

Telephone support groups

Due to the pandemic, some of our groups are still opting to meet via our telephone conference calling system. In just an hour you’ll hear useful information, important updates and (most importantly) friendly voices. To find our more about these calls, also please contact the groups admin team on 01264 560 259.

Working Age and Young People’s (WAYP) support groups

Our WAYP groups (for anyone over the age of 16) are currently meeting virtually too.

If you’re looking for advice on employment, Access to Work or welfare and benefits from people in the same boat, they’re a great place to start. But it’s not all serious – they’re also informal social groups for people who might otherwise never meet someone else with the same condition.

These groups are closely connected to the Working Age and Young People’s service.