2022 Members’ Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Saturday 10 September 2022 at 4.00 pm

The AGM is your opportunity as a member to find out how the Society is run and vote in the resolutions. The AGM will be held online and we hope you will be able to join us.

All paid up members of the Society are entitled to take part virtually, ask questions and vote. Six-month free members cannot vote.

How to take part in the virtual AGM

Before 27 August 

  • Submit any questions for Item 5: Any other business. 
  • Send in your completed proxy form if you want to take part this way.

On 10 September

  • Just before 4pm return to this page and follow the link to register.
  • We will use your membership number or postcode to check whether you are a member.
  • Only voting members can vote or ask questions. We’ll talk you through when and how to vote for each of the resolutions.
  • Taking part is free and there is no need to download any software onto your PC or tablet.
  • Only the Chair and Secretary will be on your screen in audio and video. You won’t need a camera or microphone to get involved, just a way to listen to the presentation online.

If you have any problems taking part, please call 01264 350 551 on the day.

Proxy Votes

All paid up members can vote in the resolutions or may appoint the Chair or other proxy to vote, in a poll, on their behalf.

To request a form of proxy, please email info@macularsociety.org.

Please return this form and any questions you wish to submit by 27 August 2022.

This AGM is taking place after the Macular Society's Annual Conference. The Annual Conference will also be held online and live so please bear with us if we overrun by a few minutes!

Agenda and previous minutes