Organise an in memory collection

For most families, in memory giving begins at their loved one’s funeral.

At the moment, coronavirus restrictions mean that many people aren’t able to attend the service. But you can still invite family and friends to pay their respects and to give in memory to a cause close to your loved one’s heart, even if they can’t be with you on the day.

Online tribute pages

Online tribute pages have become for many the first step in organising a collection in memory. Set up before the funeral, they enable family and friends who can’t be there in person to support you and pay their respects.

Andrew’s father Gerald passed away in March 2020, just before the coronavirus lockdown. Only ten people were allowed to attend his funeral. Andrew created an online tribute page for Gerald so that family and friends could share fond memories, as well as donating to the Macular Society - Gerald had age-related macular degeneration for the last ten years of his life.

“This really helped me overcome his passing, hearing all their kind and heart-warming comments. Putting the video of his funeral on the page also helped those who were not able to attend.”

Andrew Stovell

Setting up a page can be a comfort in itself, using your own words and favourite photos of your loved one. You can also provide details of where and when the funeral will take place, and a link to any live webcam provided by the venue.

As well as enabling those unable to attend the service to pay tribute to the person you loved, a page can make life easier for those who do attend, with some Funeral Directors still unable to handle cash donations. 

Gift Aid Donations envelopes

We can also provide individual Gift Aid donation envelopes for the funeral service or a later Celebration of Life event. They come with instructions and an envelope to return them to us.

Please note we cannot claim Gift Aid on money that you’ve collected from other people, unless each individual donor has completed their own Gift Aid envelope or form.

You can download and print our Gift Aid Declaration form at home if you prefer.

Anyone making an individual donation online or via a tribute page will be asked if they are eligible for Gift Aid.

To request envelopes or other materials, please call Debbie, Corinne or Jackie on 01264 322 410, email or use our online form.

Sending in your collection 

Please ask for cheques to be made payable to Macular Society. Convert any cash to your own cheque and send cheques, donation envelopes and Gift Aid declarations to:

Debbie Smith
In Memory Team
Macular Society
PO Box 1870
SP10 9AD 

Please tell us the full name of the person you are remembering, your relationship to them and their address if possible. This makes sure we add your gift to any others given in memory and helps us keep an accurate record of donations for you and the family. 

Paying in online or by phone

You can pay in a cash collection via our website using a credit or debit card. Please tell us it’s a collection and don’t tick the Gift Aid box. If you are eligible for Gift Aid yourself, you can pay in your own donation separately if you wish.

You can telephone us to pay in a cash collection using a credit or debit card on 01264 326 620.

How do I know how much has been given?

Once we receive your collection, we’ll write to thank you and let you know how much has been given. We do not disclose individual amounts given, or thank every individual donor to a collection. However, we can give you some free thank you cards, if you would like to send your own personal thanks.

We’ll thank any donor who sends in their gift independently of your collection, if they provide their contact details.

If your collection is sent in by a funeral director, we will thank you or the family member as instructed by them.  We’ll also acknowledge receipt to the funeral director. 

Can I add offline donations to my online page?

Yes. It’s straightforward, but we’re here to help with that so please call us if you need assistance.

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