Whether you’re taking on a personal challenge, or holding a tea party with family and friends, raising money in memory of a loved one can be an inspiring way to celebrate their life and help Beat Macular Disease for good. 

Meg’s Story

Meg Jackson and her partner Paul Scott (pictured above) ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon in memory of Meg’s beloved dad, the Reverend Peter Jackson.

“Everyone who met my dad said he was great. He was funny, kind gentle, intelligent and loved to learn stuff. Whether it was the route you took to our house, where your grandparents were born or your opinions on world affairs; he wanted to know.

He was like a sponge for information. The Sunday newspapers would last him all week. His study was like a library and there were always piles of cuttings he was ‘getting around’ to reading.

Dad relished new experiences and adventures. When he was in the Navy he went to the furthest corners of the world and saw amazing sights.  One of his greatest loves was the theatre; whether behind the scenes, on stage or in the audience. 

Age-related macular degeneration didn’t kill Dad, but it meant the once confident enthusiastic man I love, had his comfort zone reduced to that of a little old man, who was unable to leave the house alone or participate in the things which made him feel alive.

That’s why we dragged ourselves around 13 miles of London’s parks because no person should suffer the way my darling dad did.”

If you’re inspired by Meg’s story and want to raise funds in memory of someone special, why not take a look at our challenge events. 

Online pages can help you in your fundraising

If you plan to raise funds in memory, why not take a look at our tribute pages? Our Vision of Hope pages mean you can set up a unique and personalised tribute to your loved one. You can create an event page within the tribute or link your JustGiving fundraising page to your tribute; the total you raise will be reflected on both pages.

If you’re fundraising in memory through a social event like a Catch-up with Cake! or a celebration of life party, please let us know. We can provide you with materials to help.

Get in touch

If you have a question or need materials to fundraise in memory through an event or personal challenge, please call on 01264 560 222 or email community@macularsociety.org

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