Look out for any changes in your eyesight

Macular degeneration affects people in different ways. Symptoms may develop slowly, especially if it’s only in one eye. Although age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is most common among older people, other forms of macular disease can affect people of any age – even children. So whatever your age, please don't ignore the following signs of macular disease: the quicker you act, the more of your sight can be saved.

Distorted Windows

Things to look out for:

  • Gaps or dark spots (like a smudge on glasses) may appear in your vision, especially first thing in the morning.
  • Objects in front of you might change shape, size or colour or seem to move or disappear.
  • Colours can fade.
  • You may find bright light glaring and uncomfortable or find it difficult to adapt when moving from dark to light environments.
  • Words might disappear when you are reading.
  • Straight lines such as door frames and lampposts may appear distorted or bent.

Distortion can be checked against everyday household grids such as bathroom tiles or a window frame.

If you notice any of these, please don’t ignore them. Book an appointment with your optician as soon as possible. They can all be signs of macular disease.

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Last review date: August 2022
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