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Our head of regions oversees all our regional services across the UK. The team consists of 25 staff. 

There are 17 regions in total, and the team are supported by a groups admin team, who are based at our head office in Andover.

5 Senior regional managers oversee each country and manage their own regions, together with 12 regional managers and 2 peer support coordinators they undertake a variety of different roles.

  • Oversee the management of over 360 face to face and online peer support groups. The Macular Society support groups build members confidence, helps them to better understand their own macular disease. And, of course, gives them a chance to make new friends who really understand what sight loss is like. To find out more visit About our support groups - Macular Society webpage. To search for your local group visit our Local support groups - Macular Society webpage.
  • Provide information and advice about any aspect of living with macular disease
  • Manage, recruit and support a large team of volunteers who make these services possible
  • Develop and run regular volunteer training sessions and events
  • Link and refer our service users to various internal and external support services
  • Market and publicise Macular Society services via local and regional media outlets
  • Create and develop good news stories and through their work and activities, attract funding for the Macular Society
  • Network and influence local, regional and national bodies and attend various local and regional sight loss events
  • Work closely with, and at times, create informal partnerships with sight loss organisations within their own region

Contact details for all our regional services' team can be found below.

The team also develop and run regional patient information events. 

These run in partnership with local eye clinics. The events bring together patients and local clinic professionals in their area. They are either held online, using Zoom or via teleconference or face to face. They give attendees the chance to put questions to a clinician, ECLOs, nurses or ROVIs.

These events might include:

  • What can I do to prepare for my injection?
  • Should I be taking supplements to slow my age-related macular degeneration?
  • Will stem cell therapy repair my vision?
  • How will clinics keep me safe during a pandemic?
  • What local support is available to help me adapt to my sight loss?

The regional services team are working hard to create our programme of UK wide patient information events for 2023. To find out what is happening in your area, please contact our Groups Admin team on 01264 560 259.

The team

Maria Storesund – Head of Regions
Tel: 07884 742 517

England (South)

Stella Black – Senior Regional Manager for the South  
Tel: 07494 467 980

Sue Drew - Regional Manager for Central East
Tel: 07517 543 948

Vacant – Regional Manager for the London area 
Tel: 07824 330 951

Tyler Phillips - Regional Manager for South Central
Tel: 07920 643 710

Jo Fishwick -  Regional Manager South West

Tel: 07947 373 244

Katie Lloyd - Peer Support Coordinator South

England (North)

Amanda Read – Senior Regional Manager for the North
Tel: 07432 700 478

Paul Holden - Regional Manager for Central Midlands

Tel: 07769 494 087

Carl Harrison - Regional Manager for the North West

Tel: 07920 054 509

Vicky Thompson – Regional Manager for Yorkshire & North East Lincolnshire
Tel: 07376 398 916

Katherine Young - Regional Manager for the North East (Currently on Maternity Leave) - Please contact Amanda Read.

Lucinda Hardy -  Peer Support Coordinator for the North

Tel: 07517 544 027


Adele Francis – Senior Regional Manager for Wales
Tel: 07494 468 007

Marian Williams – Regional Manager for North Wales
Tel: 07495 054 053


Laura Gray – Senior Regional Manager for Scotland North
Tel: 07948 352 967

Aoife Mooney - Regional Manager for South West Scotland
(Events, Professionals, Eye Clinics & Volunteer Development)
Tel: 07586 168 803

Shona Spence - Regional Manager for South West Scotland (Maternity Cover)

Tel: 07873 702 561

Iona McLean - Regional Manager for South East Scotland
Tel: 07517 543 998

Northern Ireland

Vacant – Senior Regional Manager for Northern Ireland 
Dr Emma Baxter – Regional Manager for the Western and Southern Health and Social Care Trusts Northern Ireland
Tel: 07879 529 267

Groups Admin team - based in our Head Office in Andover, Hampshire

Angela Jackson – Office & Regional Administration Manager
Tel: 01264 321 986

Charlotte Fogerty - Regional Administration Supervisor
Melinda Boardman – Regional Administrator
Olivia Gray - Regional Administrator
Nathan Hargreaves - Groups Finance Administrator
Tel: 01264 560 259