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Moorfields opens its doors to reveal science behind the eyes

Posted: Monday 4 April 2016 at 14:00

Moorfields Eye Hospital is holding an open day to give the public a chance to find out more about the science and research that lies behind eye treatments.

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European research to tackle the triple challenge of dementia, hearing and sight loss

Posted: Tuesday 29 March 2016 at 14:49

The combined impact of dementia, age-related hearing and vision impairment is to be investigated by a new multi-million pound European research consortium, led by The University of Manchester.Seven in ten Europeans over the age of 65 are affected by eith…

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Royal College of Ophthalmologists warns of eye risk from ‘overstretched NHS’

Posted: Thursday 17 March 2016 at 14:41

Eye specialists have warned that hundreds of patients suffer irreversible sight loss every year in England because services are overstretched and under-resourced.

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New study confirms prevalence of visual hallucinations in sight loss

Posted: Monday 29 February 2016 at 13:14

Optometrists and ophthalmologists are being urged to broaden their understanding of Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS), after a major study has backed up how commonly patients with severe vision loss experience it.The study by the Canadian National Institute …

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Moorfields will highlight rare eye diseases as part of a global campaign

Posted: Thursday 25 February 2016 at 15:25

Moorfields Eye Hospital is supporting a global awareness day, which highlights rare diseases and the impact they have on patients’ lives.

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Experiences of Personal Independence Payment on people with sensory impairments

Posted: Tuesday 9 February 2016 at 10:03

Researchers at NatCen Social Research are currently working on a project about the experiences of people with vision impairment and people with combined hearing and sight loss who have been claiming Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and who will apply fo…

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Statins could help prevent AMD

Posted: Friday 5 February 2016 at 09:20

New research has revealed that statins may prevent dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

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Health Talk seeks genomic research participants

Posted: Monday 1 February 2016 at 16:43

Health Talk, which provides free information about health issues by sharing people's real-life experiences, is looking to talk to people who have been invited to take part in the Genome 100,000 Project.

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