Denise Lewis

"It's only now that I have seen the impact macular disease has on people"

Posted: Friday 20 January 2023

A retired ophthalmic nurse said it wasn’t until she began to volunteer with her local support group that she realised the true impact of macular disease and the impact it has on many people’s lives.

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Judith Hilton Macular Society Member

New telephone support group to support people living in Wales

Posted: Wednesday 18 January 2023

A new telephone support group to help reduce loneliness and isolation among people living with sight loss across Wales has been set up.

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Dr Wen Hwa Lee

How could artificial intelligence transform eye care?

Posted: Wednesday 11 January 2023

Chief executive of Action Against Age-related Macular Degeneration Dr Wen Hwa Lee, will be joining our first webinar of the year to discuss the advances being made in AI and its potential in ophthalmology and research.

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How to tackle treatment delays

Posted: Tuesday 10 January 2023

The Macular Society’s Advice and Information Service is here to help if you are experiencing delays in sight-saving treatment.

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Telephone Befriender

Five ways you can make a difference as a volunteer in 2023

Posted: Tuesday 3 January 2023

From managing support groups to providing a listening ear on the telephone, there are many ways people are making a difference to the lives of people living with sight loss.

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Entertaining calls to light up dark winter nights

Posted: Thursday 22 December 2022

From diving into the history of British broadcasting, to finding out about the life and times of a society hostess and philanthropist, there’s plenty up for discussion with our Winter Warmer calls.

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Margaret Hughes

“I didn’t know how many people were like me”

Posted: Wednesday 21 December 2022

Like many others who are diagnosed with macular disease, Margaret had no idea what the condition was and how many others were affected but, after experiencing the fear and isolation of her condition first hand, the 79-year-old wanted to help others in need of support.

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Woman Sight Test Mask

New partnership to improve access to eye care

Posted: Friday 9 December 2022

OcuPlan, a payment plan for people with macular disease and other eye conditions, and the Macular Society have announced a new partnership.

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Lee Humphreys

Emotional impact of sight loss in employment tackled in new group therapy

Posted: Monday 5 December 2022

The Macular Society’s counselling service has launched a new series of group therapy sessions aimed to overcome the inevitable challenges faced by people with sight loss in employment.

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Louisa Wickham

Tackling the challenges in eye care

Posted: Friday 2 December 2022

The new national clinical director for eye care has spoken about her plans to address the challenges across ophthalmology services in the UK, including the increasing demand for NHS services.

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New research funding for diabetic eye disease

Posted: Thursday 1 December 2022

Leading eye charities, including the Macular Society, have partnered with Diabetes UK to fund more research into diabetic eye disease and prevent unnecessary sight loss.

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Dry AMD patients respond to injection breakthrough studies

Posted: Friday 25 November 2022

Initial findings have shown the majority of people with late-stage dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) would welcome eye injections as a way of slowing down its progress.

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