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Revolutionary bionic chip inserted in first UK patient with AMD

Posted: Friday 21 January 2022 at 09:00

A patient with dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) has been able to detect signals in her blind left eye thanks to a revolutionary new implant.

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Q&A - your questions answered on the revolutionary bionic eye chip

Posted: Friday 21 January 2022 at 09:00

All you need to know following the news of the first UK patient to receive a bionic eye chip.

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Study seeks to discover how some gene changes influence macular dystrophies

Posted: Thursday 13 January 2022 at 09:48

A new study funded by the Macular Society could lead to improved diagnoses and treatments for macular dystrophies.

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New study could help identify AMD before sight loss occurs

Posted: Wednesday 12 January 2022 at 17:34

A new study could help to prevent sight loss, by identifying those at risk of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD) before visual symptoms develop.

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Future treatments for AMD – what’s on the horizon?

Posted: Thursday 23 December 2021 at 09:31

Whether you have wet or dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD), there are lots of reasons to be optimistic about options for future treatment.

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Research trial continues into potential treatment for Stargardt

Posted: Wednesday 8 December 2021 at 15:19

Professor Andrew Lotery has provided an update on the latest research into a potential treatment for Stargardt disease at our latest Virtual Clinic event.

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What would it really take to end macular disease? Professor Andrew Dick reveals all

Posted: Friday 29 October 2021 at 16:21

For more than 30 years, Professor Andrew Dick has been investigating what happens when the immune system goes wrong – and since 2012, his lab has been focused on age-related macular degeneration (AMD). We asked him what excites him about his work.

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New research projects to stop early AMD and treat macular dystrophies

Posted: Thursday 30 September 2021 at 13:51

Everything we learn about macular disease brings us closer to beating it for good. And thanks to Macular Society members, seven new research projects will start this year – each one bringing a cure closer, or making life better today.

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