Local support groups

Our local groups across the UK offer practical and emotional support to people with macular disease from people with macular disease. They can help you to further understand your condition, come to terms with sight loss, share information about treatment and ultimately stay independent. Groups meet regularly; invite guest speakers; run social events; arrange outings and holidays; fundraise; help raise awareness of macular disease; get involved in campaigns and work with local eye care professionals.


These local support groups are aimed specifically at younger, working-age people with macular conditions. It is called W@M (pronounced Wham!), which is short for Working At Macular. Many groups meet in evenings, or at weekends in cafes or pubs. Members can share experiences and get advice on issues, including working with macular disease, driving, technology and entertainment.

Skype groups

If you find it difficult to attend a group, or attending a group isn’t for you, our Skype groups give you the opportunity to talk to others affected by macular disease, without leaving home. People of all ages can take part in video or voice only calls. For details contact Stella Black on stella.black@macularsociety.org

Find your local group

Find your local group by scrolling through the group list or using the location search.