Working Age and Young People’s Service (Wayp)

""We offer support and information to people with Macular Dystrophies through the Advice and Information Service.

We are able to offer information to people of a working age through our network of Working Age Support Groups and offer advice and guidance through our working age and young people’s service. We can offer advice about Welfare Benefits and Statutory entitlements. We can also offer information about employment and information about equipment and entitlements you may be able to use within the workplace.

The Society can also give advice and guidance to employers regarding support that they are entitled to When employing someone with central vision loss. This includes information on the Access to Work Scheme, what a reasonable adjustment is and offer training to staff on the impact of sight loss.

We also offer advice and information to students, young people and to parents of children with Macular Dystrophies.

Information about welfare benefits and statutory entitlements as well as advice regarding what support is available through schools, college and university.  Including resources for teachers.

About the main dystrophies

General resources

Professional resources

National Disability Support Resources

Guide Dogs
Provides mobility for the blind and partially sighted. Supports research, raises awareness and campaigs for the visually impaired.

Offers practical help and emotional support for blind and partially sighted people – this can be anything from and support, and campaigns for change.

Blind veterans
Helps veterans of every generation overcome sight loss.

Supports young visually impaired people and their families through mentoring, transformational events, youth forums and parent support groups

VICTA helps parents of blind or partially sighted children, and visually impaired young adults below the age of 30.

Royal Society for Blind Children
RSBC provide a range of services in London and across England and Wales for blind and partially sighted children and young people, their families, and the professionals who work alongside them.

Deaf Blind UK
DeafBlind supports people with sight and hearing loss, enabling them to live the lives they want.

Retina UK
Retina UK supports people affected by inherited progressive sight loss and invests in medical research to ensure people can lead a fulfilling life.


The UK has lots of local organisations that support people with sight loss. If you would like some support to find your local organization or any further information about the links above contact the Advice and Information Service a call on 0300 3030 111

How to access the Wayp Service

Phone our Advice and Information Service on 0300 30 30 111 or email

Phone Colin Daniels on 01603 937 449 or email colin.daniels@macular

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