We will beat macular disease

Have you heard of Mac the macula?

He gives us sight so spectacular

We’ve helped thousands of people over the years, cope with their challenges and allay their fears

If you need help or advice just give us a call, you, your friends and family, we’re here for you all

We’re proud to have helped so many people, but many more still need our help. 

Please share Mac to help more people get the support they need from us.


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Zetta's story

"Without a doubt I’d recommend the befriending service, it’s saved my life."

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Barbara's story

“Volunteering for the Macular Society has changed my life, because it saved me giving up and ending up in a home”

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John-Paul's story

“Support from the Macular Society is allowing us to undertake one of the most detailed studies to understand and potentially treat visual hallucinations in people with AMD.”

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